Pappa’s Stew is a hidden gem in Newtown, serving up Hunan Cuisine which is one of the  8 Cuisine  of China that use chilli in their food.

  1. Jiangsu
  2. Anui
  3. Hunan
  4. Fujian
  5. Shandong
  6. Sichuan
  7. Cantonese
  8. Zhejiang.

Chinese Cuisine rest on two pillars of spice, the fiery spiciness of red chilli peppers are ‘La-Wei’ and the numbing spiciness with Sichuan peppers are ‘Ma-Wei’. Combine both is ‘Ma-La-Wei’ which depending on the area of China the use of either or both are regional.

Location: 6 King St, Newtown NSW 2042   MAP


Hunan Cuisine are known to be spicy hot ‘La-Wei’, not to be confused with Sichuan Cuisine as its more of ‘Ma-La Wei’ which is a balance of both ‘HOT’ and ‘Numbing’.

Hunan is also know for their fresh aroma and dark dishes styles like Stewing, Braising, stir frying and smoking.

Hunan Feast at Pappa’s Stew NEWTOWN

If you like spicy but not numbing then Hunan style Cuisine is ideal for you, each dish has a mild spice to raging fire. Advise the staff on your limits so they can take care of you.

Until next time …. Keep eating!!!


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