Best Burgers in SYDNEY

If you live in Sydney then you know that BL is one of the BEST burger joints out there, they started out in Bar Luca and has made a name for themselves which prompted them to expand around Sydney which are called BL Burgers and Loaded by BL .

Signature burger: Blame Canada
Beef pattie, American cheese, maple glazed streaky bacon, maple aioli, & poutine on a BL milk bun.
#blburgers #Barluca #loadedbyBL

BL Burgers LocationDarlinghurst  Parramatta
Loaded by BLNewtown
Bar LucaSydney City


An Asian inspired form of burger by using steam bao buns, this makes the buns more soft and fluffy, this creation is called a ‘Baoger’ and they have 8 variety to satisfy everyone’s taste buds. Special mention to their ‘Bao noodles’ and ‘Fried chicken’ these are so good and addictive. They are also Vegan friendly as well.

Signature burger: Beef Baoger
Beef pattie, cheese, bacon, pickles, onion and tomato & mustard sauce. We added hash browns for crunch. You can add or change things if need be, but its perfect!
#bellybao #bellybaoburgers #baogers

Belly Bao locationNewtown


Burgers by Josh
American style burgers created by ‘Josh’ a mad man who allows you to ‘hack’ your burgers as you see fit. The term ‘hack’ is to add more stuff (ingredients) as much as your wallet allows it. The burgers are so good that he has pop’d up all over Sydney, keep an eye out on his random limited time location.

Signature Burger:  J Burger
Signature Wagyu beef pattie, American cheese, iceberg lettuce, tomato, New York crinkle cut pickles, onions, caramelised onions, roasted capsicum jam, josh burger spread, mustard and potato buns.
#burgersbyjosh #bbj

Burgers by josh locationAnnandale  Ξ Please check website for other locations


Baby Rey’s Burger Truck
One of the few burger truck to be deemed as one of the best burger Truck in Sydney by Time Out magazine, as it is a food truck his popping up all over Sydney.
The burgers are no joke as he rotates them on a weekly basis to ensure quality and new flavours to keep his customers happy.

Signature burger: The Wild West burger
Beef pattie, harvati cheese, rocket, bacon, BBQ Smiths chips, sauteed onions and secret sauce.
#babyreysburgers #babyreys

Baby Rey’s LocationInstagram (Check his Instagram)


Ume Burgers
A Japanese inspired restaurant serves up Japanese tapas and Japanese imported booze which goes well with their style of menu. However they got famous for their signature burger ‘Ume Burger’, which is tasty and has mince meat sauce on it.

Signature Burger: Ume Burger (Special Mention for their addictive fries)
Beef pattie, onion, tomato, cheese and their signature mince meat sauce.
#Umeburgers #Umeburger

Ume Burger Location: Barrangaroo  Surry Hills


Bar Biscotti
A cafe in North Strathfield serving healthy menu and tasty burgers, whether you are in the mood for breakfast, brunch, lunch or a snack this place suits all your needs. I’m surprised that the burger were really good, tasty and well balanced!

Signature burger:  Maple Bacon Beef burger (My Fav – Southern fried madness)
Classic beef, maple bacon, lettuce, tomato, American cheese and their special sauce.

Bar Biscotti location: North Strathfield


Dirty Bird Food Truck
A famous fried chicken burger truck that struck the nation by its flavours, its so good that Katy Perry had to get some. Not only the burger is delicious but their fried chicken are also on point! Be sure to get both combo for no regrets!

Signature: Combo Box (1 Crack burger, fries and 1 fried Chicken)
Fried chicken battered in coco pops, American cheese, pickles, lettuce and special sauce. Also their spicy battered fried chicken wings.
#dirtybirdfoodtruck #dirtybird

Dirty Bird location: Instagram (Check location on Instagram)


A retro and comical burger joint created by 2 friends who obviously loves burgers, a spin off from the famous ‘In n Out’ this place named themselves ‘Down n Out’ due to the fact that they are located in the land ‘Down Under’. Beside the similarity in the name they are far from the same in offering delicious burgers.

Signature: Ape Style Burger
Beef patties, American cheese, lettuce. tomato, onions, pickles, jalapenos, fries, fried American cheese patties and Tiger sauce. All on their milk bun.

Down n Out location: Down n Out (upstairs above ‘Casa Asturiana Restaurant’)

Signature burger (left) and the fried chicken burger (right) are my 2 favourite from ‘Down n Out’.

The 2 sides that are ‘MUST GET’ are the ‘Tiger fries’ and the Jalapeno poppers.


Sydney has come a long way for BURGERS so i have sacrifice by beach body and brought you my favourite burgers in SYDNEY.

Until Next time …. Keep eating !!!!!


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