Taipei Taiwan

Taipei Taiwan

Taipei is the capital of Taiwan, the City is heavily influenced by Japanese culture from lane ways eateries, bars, vending machines for beverages, Tv shows, toilets and most places even have signage and staff who speaks fluent Japanese.

However the presence of old heritage Taiwanese food culture is going strong and evolving.

Street food night market is a must Raohe Market, Shilin Market, Ningxia Market and Lin Jiang Market are the popular night markets in Taipei. Best time to visit are from 4:30pm-6pm, after that it will be extremely crowded and long waiting lines.

Advice: Do a few laps before you decide what you want, take pictures of the vendors so you will remember where and what you should eat. Order to taste because the eyes are hungrier than the stomach!

The list of MUST EATS in TAIPEI!


Shi-Ji Authentic Beef Noodles

Taiwanese signature dish which is a part of their culture, Shi-Ji’s broth is different to others because of the depth of the flavour and not overly spiced which usually mask everything else. One of my favourite Taiwanese Beef noodle soup to date.
Location: Shi-Ji Authentic Beef Noodles
Must order: Taiwanese beef noodle soup with everything (Tendons, 3 types of beef cut and tripe)

Old Shanghai SFRY Dumplings

Famous for their pan-fried dumplings the little shop caters around 15-20 seats at their eatery.Thin pastry but the filling packs the flavours of a steamed meatball, add vinegar and soy sauce if you need but the filling is salty enough. Careful it’s freshly made so it will be hot and the juices will burn you.

Location Old Shanghai SFRY Dumplings Must Order Pan-Fried buns


Famous little restaurant serving homey food and side dishes but their signature is the “Braised pork belly rice” you can order small, medium or a large bowl and it comes with some boiled greens. Rich, aromatic with spices pork belly braised for hours so it will melt in your mouth. English menu available, just ask.

Location Jin Feng Braised Pork rice

Must order Braised Pork rice and egg.

If you are alone order medium, so you can try other dishes but I would order a big bowl so I can be satisfied.



The famous Taiwanese snack “Pepper bun” cooked in a clay oven and stuffed with delicious pork and shallots. A must eat when you see them, packed with flavours of pepper and green onions so it may be spicy for some people.Lines are crazy long so go early if you are getting it at the night market (4-6pm). Otherwise just go to Taipei main Station location, less crazy because tourist don’t know about the new place.

Dish: Pepper buns


Main Taipei Station

Raohe Night Market

Shilin Night Market


Famous flour noodle stall that has been operating since 1975. Silky smooth noodles in a fishy (Bonito flake) soup with an intense spice and peppery flavour.

You can find this place in the main shopping area of Ximending there are no seats or table at AY-CHUNG so you will see a lot of people standing around eating it. You can add extra sauce once you get your order, Chilli, soy and vinegar are available for you to adjust the flavours to your liking.

Dish: Mee-Sua (Flour noodles)

Location Ay-Chung Flour Rice Noodles

Isaac Toast & Coffee 台北光復店

Korea’s most famous sandwich is in Taipei! Serving a variety of different toasted sandwiches I had to get the “Bulgogi”. It’s a cafe so you can get your coffee fix right here as well.

The Bulgogi Patty was glazed with a sweet sauce, there’s a layer of omelette, cheese, corn and cabbage. Toasted with butter.

Dish: Bulgogi Toastie

Location Isaac Toast Taipei

Rilakkuma Cha-Ya 拉拉熊茶屋(中山店)

A cute cafe with a cute theme of Rilakkuma the bear.

From bento to curry rice and matcha desserts everything is made into cute dishes at this cafe.


Chicken curry katsu Don

Hojicha waffle set

Location Rilakkuma Cha-Ya

(The one in Daan location is CLOSED)

金錦町 JinJinDing

A beautiful dessert tea house serving up delicious pastries and beverages. Relax at this cafe with Oriental decor and Zen garden, you can also buy their desserts and sweets takeaway.

Known for their Gold dust Castella cakes.

Dish: Matcha & Original honey Castella

Purple: Chaise

Lychee puree, Jasmine green tea jelly, white chocolate and purple powder.

Black: Moker

Charcoal powder, coffee powder, orange puree, 70% dark chocolate and Cointreau.

Location Jin Jin Ding

Ming Shiang Yuan Cafe 茗香園冰室

In Taipei you can find a hidden gem that serves Hong Kong style cafe food. Yumcha (dimsum), coffee, milk tea, toast, noodles and rice dishes can be found right here at Ming Shiang Yuan cafe.


Truffle and egg toast

Satled egg French toast

Location Ming shiang Yuan Cafe

金雞母 Jingimoo

Japanese cafe serving desserts and sweets, known for their Kakigori but they have a new menu for extra sweets.

Must order the Creme brulee Matcha Kakigori 🍧 for that extra crunch.

Dish: Creme brulee Matcha Kakigori

Location 金雞母 Jingimoo

Jin Din Rou 京鼎樓

Dumpling lovers! This place is a must visit, they specialise in Xiao long bao (Soup dumplings) but their signature is Taiwan’s best tea “Oolong” Xiao long bao. Thin dumpling skin with Oolong tea broth and pork filling, for those who don’t like Oolong tea this will give you a little bitter after taste.

Dish: Oolong & Original Xiao long bao

Location Jin Din Rou

Belle Époque Cafe

A two level cafe serving you their signature souffle hotcakes or boba pancakes. They also have cafe food as well but they are known for their hotcakes. Instagram-worthy cafe for those lifestyle pros, the decor inside is like a hipster vibe.

Dish: Brown sugar Boba pancakes

Location Belle Epoque Cafe

woosaパンケーキ 屋莎鬆餅屋 台北京站店

A cute cafe serving up Instagram worthy dishes inside Q Square Mall on level 3. Famous for their souffle hotcakes, sky cloud smoothies and googly eyes owl tea pot. The folded souffle is nice and fluffy, best choice is the 🌰 chestnut flavour.

Dish: Chestnut Souffle Hotcakes

Location Woosa cafe Q Square Mall

YumYum Deli Cafe

An American style cafe so you can see the typical dishes of Cheesy steak sandwiches, Toasties, loaded fries and burgers. But this place is famous for their souffle hotcakes, the fluffy and pillowy soft texture of the hotcake makes you want to sleep.

Location YumYum Deli Cafe Taipei

Dish: Hojicha Souffle Hotcakes


A nice, trendy cafe with lounges and TV booth for people to enjoy music videos and movies. They serve a variety of cuisine but the most popular are their desserts.

Dish: Koyamaen matcha tart & pudding.

Location Green House Cafe


A Japanese restaurant and cafe known for their creative flair of Kakigori. There are heaps of variety of Kakigori and it was hard to choose …..

Dish: Milk tea & Toffee Kakigori

Vanilla pudding is inside the Kakigori.

Location Kakigori TOSHIHIKI

美景川味 Wonton noodles

This is the best place for wonton noodles in Taipei, it’s a small eating outlet located in Ding hao mall food court area. It’s a little hard to find but well worth it, get the large bowl of wontons … I regret I didn’t. They are hand made and cooked to order to ensure freshness.

Dish: Spicy won tons and noodles


BFF Gossip Brunch Cafe

As the name implies you need a few people when you visit and enjoy the ambiance of the cute cafe and gossip. The food here are well presented and very prett. The dish that got me here is the marble beef “You are the Galaxy of my eye” dish.

Dish: “You are the Galaxy of my eye”

Location BFF Brunch Cafe

Yu Pin Yuan Iced and Hot Tang yuan


A must have dessert while in Taipei is the famous Hot & Cold Tangyuan at Yu pin Yuan. It’s a glutinous rice ball with sweet fillings on crushed ice and drizzled with osmanthus sugar syrup.

Dish: Hot & COLD Tangyuan

(Black sesame & Peanut butter)

Yu Pin Yuan @ Raohe Market

Yu Pin Yuan @ Tonghua

陳興發 興記菜館台灣 HingKee Taiwan

Hing kee Claypot rice is famous in Hong Kong but now you can get it in Taipei! Hidden in Breeze Nanshan Taipei food court on level B2. The famous clay pot has two Chinese sausages but the best one is the Pork ribs and Chinese sausage with an egg yolk.

Dish: Braised pork ribs & Chinese sausage claypot.

Location Breeze Nanshan Mall

Food Court level B2

Sugar Miss

The famous marble boba cake at Sugar Miss Dessert Cafe, soft meringue coating a cubed sponge cake with a hidden filling depending on the flavour.

Dish: Tofu Rock

Alisan milk tea and brown sugar pearls


Breeze Nanshan Mall Level B1

Sugar Miss Da’an District

Lucky last … Was my favorite …..


A Japanese Izakaya serving up quality seafood and Wagyu beef. They also have a robata grill so you can smell the delicious food cooking in front of you.

I’m here for only one thing, the A5 Wagyu Katsu sandwich. It’s was the perfect ratio of bread and meat, the Wagyu was beautifully marbled and the fat just melts in your mouth.

Dish: Wagyu Katsu Sandwich

Location Don Bu Don


Taipei was amazing the food culture here has everything and will satisfy everyone.

If you are looking for activities and what to do in Taipei you can use Klook to book tours, activities, communications and entertainment for your trip.

Example Taipei 101 Observatory (No lines if you book), Tour of tea plantations and history or even tour outside the State.

Two seconds of my calories consumptions.

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