Welcome to Tokyo!

Gyukatsu Motomura

Famous for his Gyukatsu (wagyu beef cutlets) can be found all over Tokyo, tasty and affordable wagyu beef that makes you want to come back for more ….

Specialise: Gyukatsu – Wagyu Beef Cutlet

Media: Instagram  OPEN RICE

Location:  Shibuya  Shinjuku  Tokyo

Brief note: Opens at 11:00am but you will need to be there at 10:30am otherwise the line will be very long. Order the bigger set (260g) you will not regret it, cost about 2450 yen but worth the money.

Crispy wagyu beef cutlet cooked Medium rare but they also provide you a hot stone to cook it further if you require it. Accompanied with a variety of sides and a rice bowl.


Tea & Spoon Nanaya Aoyama

The only place where you can try all 7 levels of Matcha ice cream, along with their special tea selections as well.

Specialise: 7 Levels of Matcha Ice cream

Media:  Instagram  Website

Location:  SHIBUYA

Brief note: Get 9 scoops as it works out cheaper if you want to try everything, i order Matcha level 1-7 and 2 extra seasonal green tea as well. As it states each level the Matcha taste gets more intense but the dairy gets rescued but its still creamy.



Shiro-Hige’s Cream Puff Factory

A small bakery and Cafe hidden away outside of town from the bustling city of Tokyo, Custard puffs are their signature due to the cuteness of the Totoro character this place is a must visit. A few trains and a 10 minute walk to find this hidden gem.

Specialise: Totoro Custard Puffs

Media:  Instagram  Website  Trip Adviser

Location:  TOKYO – Setagaya

Brief note: Thin crispy pastry filled with custard of your choice Matcha, vanilla, strawberry or chocolate. Custard wasn’t too sweet so it was enjoyable with some beverages. They also sell cookies and other baked goods, the Cafe also served pretty looking dishes but I didn’t have the time or stomach space.


Gyukatsu Aona Shibuya

Another version of Gyukatsu is at Gyuukatsu Aona with a different batter and thinly sliced, no hot stone to recook your meat show if you don’t like medium rare meats then this isn’t your place.

However you can always ask if they can cook it longer but they are unfamiliar with English so bring a local or a translator. Otherwise you can use the hot steaming rice to cook the meat further!

Specialise: Gyukatsu Aona Style – Japanese Domestic Black Beef



Brief note: The meat is lean but still juicy, the bread crumb is different as it has a more chewy texture. They also have a choice of white rice or multigrain rice, Aona Gyukatsu is known to be more of a low calorie amongest all the Gyukatsu restaurants with leaner beef and different bread crumbing for the katsu.


Daily Chiko Soft Serve

Famous for their 20cm tall multi flavoured soft serve they have got the skills to build 8 flavours onto one cone. Located in Nakano Broadway shopping Plaza this ice cream shop is located on the bottom floor where the fruit markets are stationed.

Specialise: 20cm Soft Serve (8 Flavours)

Media:  Instagram  TIMEOUT  TRIP ADVISER

Location:  Nakano Broadway

Brief note: The soft serve is very creamy so it will melt really quickly, make sure you have tissues because you wont finish it in time.


Nature Doughnuts Floresta

Healthier donuts? Made into cute animals and are not overly sweet. They use safe, organic, local ingredients with no additives or preservatives to keep it healthy. Freshly baked everyday so you can be sure it will be fresh.

Specialise:  Cute healthy donuts

Media:  Instagram  Website  TRIP ADVISER


Brief note: Texture is light and chewy which is different, the taste is less sweet but still tasty. Japanese are not big on overly sweet things so this is suitable for the locals. Also these donuts are made to be healthier which is a good thing if you eat all 6 of them!



Japanese style of soft serve known as ‘Soft cream’ ice cream in Japan, the cream actually taste very creamy and milky which has a rich flavour to it. One of the few ice cream you must try in Japan since its not available in many countries.


Specialise:  CREMIA Soft cream 

Media:  Instagram  Website  TRIP ADVISER


Brief note: Rich and milky the soft cream lives up to its name, anyone lactose should not try this, on a positive note it taste so freaken good.



There are 2 types of ‘Tsukiji Fish Market’ one is the business side where the ‘Tuna Auction’, market whole sales and the seafood delivery to restaurants or retail distributors. If you are into to seeing this it is ideal to go from 6am-9am, but be warned it is a place of business so be mindful not to get in their way.

However the second one is the food side of the market which is on the left hand side of the entrance of the Tsukiji Fish Market named ‘Tsukiji Nippon Fish Port Market’. (Just follow the crowd when you reach to the station) For this you can arrive at 9am at the earliest to enjoy the food before tour buses arrive from 10am.

One of the most popular is the Tamago ‘Sweet egg omelet’ this version is the hot and made to order, so they will have a long line. You can enjoy seeing how it is made while waiting.

If you move along the road there are many other veriations of the famous ‘Tamago’ this version is the cold and pre-made. Taste really good in Summer.

Next door they have a variety of seafood selections, this one place does a ‘Gunkan Maki’ which looks like a ship and served with  rice wrapped in ‘Aburaage’ (deep-fried tofu skin). This is a good way to try all 3 seafood at once, loaded with Otoro (fatty tuna belly), Toro (Above cut less fatty) and fresh sea urchin.

This next place is located inside the ‘Tsujiki Nippon Fish Port Market’ they sell ready to go ‘Otoro’ in packages. We bought 6 packs of 2 for only 600 yens, it was so good and cheap we came back and bought 6 more packs.

Otoro is the most expensive piece in a Tuna belly, think of it as the Wagyu of fish and let me say i don’t eat fish but i love Otoro, the melt in you mouth with a hint of sweet taste will make you addicted.

The fat is the white strips on the cut, the more fat the better ……


Another thing that you must get are the mochi balls, Japanese rich cake which is soft and chewy texture. My favourite was the custard filled one.


Also to finish off with their non dairy soft serve, left is mango and right is blue lemonade. This can clean your palette or just be refreshing.

Asakusa Kagetsudo Honten

One of the most Delicious sweet bread available in Japan, so good that they have many branches around Japan, they are famous for their ‘Melon Pan’ which mean melon bread. (looks like a melon)

Specialise:  Melon Pan

Media:    Website  TRIP ADVISER

Location:  Asakusa Kagetsudo Honten

Brief note: My favourite was the cheese bread, rich and creamy cheese on a flakey pastry. But the melon pan is a crispy bread with assorted flaovours and soft and fluffy inside, simple but so good when its fresh and hot.


Croquant Chou Zakuzaku Harajuku

Strolling along the Takeshita Street of Harajuku you will come across a place with long queues named  ‘Zaku Zaku Croquant Chou‘ …

The famous hokkaido cream filled choux sticks and soft serve ice cream, know for their milky rich flavours and incredible textures. just like a dessert cereal because they are battered in cornflakes.

Specialise:  Zaku Zaku Choux Sticks

Media:    Website  

Location:  Harajuku Station

Brief note: Crunch corn flakes outside and soft and milky on the inside, taste like a walking breakfast meal. Another must try are their soft serve ice cream, rich intense milky goodness from Hokkaido.


Cotton Candy



The famous ‘Blue Ramen’ in Tokyo is a must eat, not only because its blue but it is healthy and light as well. They also have other colour ramen as well, ‘Green’ and Orange’ are also great for health benefits.

Specialise:  Blue Ramen (Clear Chicken ramen broth)

Media:    Website  

Location: Kipposhi Ramen


‘Green’ ramen is the Spring season limited ramen – Muscat

‘Orange’ ramen is a Special edition – Ginger & Peaches

‘Blue’ ramen which is the signature dish – Blue Ramen

All of these ramen are all coloured by a natural colour recipe, incorporated with clear chicken broth which takes over 16 hours of labour to make so each bowls are limited daily.

Firm egg noodles served with poached chicken and a soft boiled egg the dishes ties together with the elegant clear broth. It has a light but intense unami flavour of the chicken broth with hints of roasted spices.

End of TOKYO … Until Next time … keep eating!!!!

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